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Agile Data Warehouse Design–Just Enough Design for Success–SQLSaturday #242 Indianapolis 2013


How comfortable are you with your current process for designing data warehouses? Have you encountered difficulties determining how to better gather, organize, and use requirements to ensure a successful data warehouse design? This session will help by providing an agile data warehouse design process that gets targeted and meaningful requirements. The session will start by reviewing common\current data warehouse design elements and architectures. Next, the session will detail primary agile techniques and terminology. Lastly, the session will detail the use of Modelstorming using BEAM* (Business Event Analysis & Modeling) and the 7 Ws Framework.

I enjoyed presenting this to some really great folks in Indianapolis Saturday August 10th. I wish all attendees best of luck in tackling your future data warehouse and business intelligence projects!

NOTE: A PDF version of the PowerPoint slides is available from the SQLSaturday schedule page at

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Written by Joe Salvatore

August 18, 2013 at 8:36 pm

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