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Team Foundation Services (TFS)–Reuse Deleted Team Project Name

When attempting to reuse the name of a previously deleted Team Project you will like get the following error:

“TF218017: A SharePoint site could not be created for use as the team project portal. The following error occurred: TF250038: You specified the following URL: http://ServerName/sites/ProjectCollectionName/NewTeamProjectName. However, a site already exists at that URL. Specifiy another site.”


The reason for this error is that the Team Project site in SharePoint must be deleted and it must also be removed from the SharePoint Project Collection Site Collection recycle bin.

NOTE: The user trying to perform these steps must be defined as one of the two site collection administrators within SharePoint.

The first step is to delete the Team Project site. In SharePoint this is done by accessing the site and selecting Site Settings. On the “Site Settings” page under the “Site Actions” section choose the option to “Delete this site”.


This last step successfully deletes the site; but, it will be held in the site collection recycle bin. Next we need to empty this site deletion from the site collection (project collection site) recycle bin. Start by accessing the site collection in which the team project site was contained (the site for the TFS Project Collection). Then access the “Site Settings” and the “Recycle Bin”. Within this recycle bin should be the site that was deleted in the previous step. Select the previously deleted site and choose the “Delete Selection” option.


Now the previous Team Project site has been permanently deleted from SharePoint we can proceed to create a new TFS Team Project with the same name as the one just deleted from SharePoint.

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Written by Joe Salvatore

March 18, 2013 at 11:17 am

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