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Field Notes: Configuring Email in Reporting Services

The following needs to be in place:

  1. Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) libraries (cdosys.dll) that are provided by the operating system
  2. Local or remote Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server or SMTP forwarder (Not supported on Itanium Windows Server 2008)
  3. Report Server service account must have Send As permission on the SMTP server to send mail
  4. SMTP Port Opened (usually port 25)


  1. HTML rendering extension only supports UTF-8 encoding for email attachments
  2. Default e-mail delivery extension does not provide support for digitally signing or encrypting outgoing mail messages
  3. User-defined subscriptions that are created according to the permissions granted by the Manage individual subscriptions task contain a pre-set user name that is based on the domain user account. Workaround: modify RSReportServer.config setting SendEmailToUserAlias to False and setting DefaultHostName to the Domain Name System (DNS) name or IP address of the SMTP server or forwarder.

 Remote SMTP Server RSReportServer.config Options:

  1. Connection (report server and an SMTP server or forwarder)
    • SendUsing method for sending messages
      • Network SMTP service or a local SMTP service pickup directory
      • For remote SMTP set to 2
  2. SMTPServer the remote SMTP server or forwarder (required for remote SMTP)
  3. From value that appears in the From: line (required for remote SMTP)
  4. SMTPServerPort usually port 25
  5. SMTPAuthenticate how report server connects to the remote SMTP
    • Default is 0 (or no authentication – Anonymous access)
    • Depending on your domain configuration, the report server and the SMTP server may need to be members of the same domain.
    • Set SMTPAuthenticate to 2 to send e-mail to restricted distribution lists

 Local SMTP Server RSReportServer.config Options:

  1. Enable local SMTP service (not enabled by default)
  2. SendUsing is set to 1.
  3. SMTPServerPickupDirectory is set to a folder on the local drive.
  4. Do not set SMTPServer
  5. From value that appears in the From: line (required for local SMTP)

 To configure use the Reporting Services Configuration tool to minimally configure the extension.

To set advanced properties, you must edit the RSReportServer.config file.

If there is no SMTP server available or if you subsequently encounter report delivery errors that can be attributed to computer connection failures, you should switch to using a local SMTP service.

 See for detailed configuration steps.


Written by Joe Salvatore

August 27, 2009 at 4:00 pm

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